nantucket hair extensions



Platinum Seamless extensions are made with 100% of the finest Remy Human Hair. They offer 40 solid and blended shades available in straight or body wave. With invisible, weightless, paper thin, seamless adhesive gel attachment, Platinum Seamless extensions leave your hair looking and feeling soft, natural and luxurious. No lumps, bumps, clips, wefts, or glue to see or feel!


Hair extensions are a great option to add length, thickness, highlights, lowlights, or fantasy colors without the use of chemicals on your natural hair.


Who is a candidate for hair extensions?

Platinum Seamless are a great option for anybody regardless of their hair type or texture. They developed multiple methods of attachment depending on your hair and lifestyle assuring damage free results every time.

How long do Platinum Seamless last?

The hair extensions should last approximately 4 to 6 weeks with proper home care.

How long does this process take?

The application can be from 1 to 3 hours depending on the client. During your consultation we would be able to tell you an estimate time of the service.

Are extensions damaging?

The hair extensions are not damaging if they are properly cared for.

How do I maintain my hair once I have hair extensions?

You can treat your Platinum Seamless extensions much the same as you treat your natural hair. There are certain brushes, shampoos, and conditioning products that are recommended. Wearing your hair in a loose braid is suggested at bedtime to discourage tangling while you sleep.

Does hair need to be colored to match the extensions?

The hair extensions are matched to your existing hair. If you would like an overall different hair color, you would need to come in before the extension appointment for a color service with your stylist.

What type of method do you use for attaching the extensions to the hair?

Platinum Seamless extensions are attached to the hair using pre – bonded, precut, paper thin, weightless, adhesive bond strips with rounded corners. This technology is not damaging and creates natural looking results.

What is the removal process?

The “no heat” removal procedure take approximately 1 – 2 hours, depending on the condition of your hair at the time of the removal. The removal costs are not included in the application price; a haircut is recommended if new extensions are not being applied.

Details to remember when coming to your initial consultation:

1. Do your research at home, look at different types of extensions you are interested in and write down any questions you may have. 2. The consultation is about 20 minutes, you can call us or book online. 3. Style your hair normally when coming to the consultation, dry clean hair is best. 4. Think about the length you want for the extensions.

Do I pay for the service at the consultation?

A non-refundable deposit of half the cost of the service is required to book the appointment. For more Information go to the Platinum Seamless official website